Bryn Mawr
Mount Holyoke


Sunday, October 28th, 2018 • 10:00 AM • Charles River, Boston, Mass.



Team Scores:
Wellesley: 27
Smith: 25
Mount Holyoke: 19
Bryn Mawr: 5
All-Regatta Team: 
Bryn Mawr: Madison Barches, Sophie McConnell, Cassidy Healey (N)
Mount Holyoke: Hannah Leblanc, Liz Hazen, Joselyn Greer (N)
Smith: Clara Slesar, Maddy Gallay, Elise Anderson (N)
Simmons: Steffi Gaehde, Samantha Kelsey, Emily Niemi (N)
Wellesley: Katie Livingston, Bea Grauman-Boss, Katie Ball (N)
History: Seven Sister Championship play began in November 1980, when Barnard hosted Bryn Mawr, New Rochelle and Vassar in a four team basketball tournament, won by New Rochelle. Following the tournament, the original Seven Sisters institutions - Barnard, Bryn Mawr, Mount Holyoke, Radcliffe, Smith, Vassar and Wellesley - joined to conduct championships in common sports. Radcliffe (now Harvard in the athletic arena) was invited but opted not to join, and Barnard (now competing as Columbia) was unable participate in all championships. Currently, Seven Sisters Championships are held in crew, cross country, squash, swimming & diving and tennis.
The Founders Trophy was first presented in 1987 and has been awarded to the winning team in each regatta throughout the history of the Seven Sisters Championship. Wellesley claimed the trophy during last year's Championship. The Blue earned victories in both of the Novice races and the Junior Varsity race, and finished second in the Varsity race to finish 11 points ahead of second place Smith. The win was the ninth consecutive title for the Blue. 
Awards: The awards ceremony will take place at the Wellesley/NCDS Boathouse. The Founders Trophy and the all-regatta team will be presented during the awards ceremony at lunch.
Course: The racecourse will start at the Charles River Canoe Dock and will finish at the Wellesley/NCDS Boathouse Dock. The course is approximately 2.25 miles.
Directions: Travel Directions to Community Rowing Incorporated (CRI) can be found at Directions to CRI 
Parking: Parking is available for trailers, buses and spectators at Community Rowing Incorporated (CRI)