Blue Crew Races to Seven Sisters Championship

Blue Crew Races to Seven Sisters Championship

BOSTON, Mass. -- Wellesley College Crew finished with the top time in all four events to capture the 29th Annual Seven Sisters Rowing Championship on Sunday morning on Boston's Charles River. The race featuring host Wellesley, Bryn Mawr College, Simmons College, Mount Holyoke College and Smith College spanned the Charles River from Magazine Beach to the famed finished line of the Head Of The Charles Regatta at Christian A. Herter Park.

Mount Holyoke came in second, thanks in part to placing second in three of the four events. Smith finished third while Simmons and Bryn Mawr rounded out the field of five. Final standings as well as a list of All-Regatta recipients can be found below.

Wellesley earned the top time in the Varsity 8 race, finishing in 15 minutes and 39 seconds to earn the top total of ten points in the race. The Blue were followed by Mount Holyoke, as the Lyons also came in at under 16 minutes with a time of 15.56 to earn eight points in the event. Simmons finished with the next fastest time, coming in at 16.07 to earn six points. Smith College grabbed the final four points available with a finish of 16.24 in the opening event, while Bryn Mawr finished with a time of 17.09.

The Novice 8's made their way on to the course second and the Blue once again finished with the top time of 17.28— coming in just ahead of Mount Holyoke as a 15 second penalty pushed the Lyons back to second with a time of 17.40. Smith finished with the third fastest time at 18.52 followed by Simmons at 19.37 and Bryn Mawr at 20.58.

In the Second Varsity 8 race, Wellesley 'A' cruised to a time of 16.39 while the Wellesley 'B' crew came in fifth with a time of 18.17. Smith 'A' secured the Pioneers best place of the afternoon, following Blue 'A' with a time of 17.33. Mount Holyoke continued the Lyon strong showing with a time of 17.39 coming in ahead of Simmons (18.07), Wellesley B and Smith B (18.18).

The second Novice 8 race was the final event of the morning and once again Wellesley and Mount Holyoke finished in the top two spots. The Blue raced to a time of 18.58 while the Mount Holyoke 'A' boat came across at 20.19. The Lyons 'B' boat finished with a time of 22.41 as both Simmons (21.04) and Smith (21.06) finished between the pair of Mount Holyoke boats in the final event.

The 2014 Seven Sisters Rowing Championship concludes the fall season for the Blue. Wellesley will return to action in the spring, opening with a race at Washington College on the Chester River in Chestertown, MD.  

Final Points:
Wellesley 32
Mount Holyoke 22
Smith 14
Simmons 12

All-Regatta Recipients:
Sahar Ibrahim, Varsity 1
Emma Reuder, Varsity 2
Stephanie Kim, Coxswain
Lauren Bazley, Novice

Bryn Mawr:
Vanesse Felso, Varsity 1
Alex Monks, Novice

Mount Holyoke:
Rose Waltz-Peters, Varsity 1
Molly LaPointe, Varsity 2
Kimberly Ho, Novice

Nicole Poirier, Varsity 1
Chelsea Foster, Varsity 2
Erica Bartle, Novice

Missy Kubik, Varsity 1
Sarah MacDonald, Varsity 2
Sally Carttar, Novice