2018-19 Friends of Wellesley College Athletics National Committee Roster

Sport Service
Zojajha Ayub ’19 full bio Zojajha Ayub ’19 Sport: Basketball Service: FA 2018- SP 19 Position: Student-Athlete Rep.
Bridget Belgiovine full bio Bridget Belgiovine Sport: Chair/Director of PERA Service:   Position: Co-Chair
Grace Chen '19 full bio Grace Chen '19 Sport: Ultimate Frisbee Service: SP 2017- SP 19 Position: Club Sport Rep.
Kerry Coyne '02 full bio Kerry Coyne '02 Sport: Field Hockey Service: 2016-19; 2013-16 Position: Nominating Coordinator
Katherine (Kitsy) Curtis Rigler '61 full bio Katherine (Kitsy) Curtis Rigler '61 Sport:   Service: 2015-18; 2012-2015 Position: Governance Chair
Charlotte Harris '16 full bio Charlotte Harris '16 Sport: Swimming and Diving Service: 2017-20 Position: Engagement & Outreach Co-Chair
Mariana Hernandez ’19 full bio Mariana Hernandez ’19 Sport: Lacrosse Service: FA 2018- SP 19 Position: Student-Athlete Rep.
Ginger Horne Kent '76 full bio Ginger Horne Kent '76 Sport: Tennis/Squash Service: 2018-2021; 2016-18 Position: Finance Chair
Liza Janssen Petra '94 full bio Liza Janssen Petra '94 Sport: Soccer/Basketball Service: 2015-19; 2012-15; 2010-12 Position: Alumnae Co-Chair
Janet Krevolin '84 full bio Janet Krevolin '84 Sport: Soccer/Lacrosse Service: 2017-20 Position: At-Large Rep.
Sefi Adasi Lucki '07 full bio Sefi Adasi Lucki '07 Sport: Basketball Service: 2016-17, 2017-20 Position: At-Large Rep.
Taysir Mahmoud '11 full bio Taysir Mahmoud '11 Sport: Fencing Service: 2016-17, 2017-20 Position: At-Large Rep.
Louise McCleary '87 full bio Louise McCleary '87 Sport: Volleyball/Basketball/Lacrosse Service: 2016-19; 2013-16; 2010-13 Position: Awards Chair
Dan Negron P'19 full bio Dan Negron P'19 Sport:   Service: 2016-17 Position: Parent Rep.
Judith Riley '75, P'16 full bio Judith Riley '75, P'16 Sport:   Service: 2018-2021; 2015-18 Position: Engagement & Outreach Co-Chair
Kate Spelman '10 full bio Kate Spelman '10 Sport: Crew Service: 2018-2021; 2016-18 Position: At-Large Rep.
Tessa Spillane full bio Tessa Spillane Sport: Crew Service: 2017-20 Position: Teacher/Coach Rep.
Monica Verity full bio Monica Verity Sport: Recreation Director Service:   Position: Recreation Rep.