Joy Renjilian-Burgy
Joy Renjilian-Burgy
Title: Faculty Athletics Representative
Phone: 781-283-2400
Education: B.A., Mount Holyoke College; A.M., Harvard University

Associate Professor of Spanish

Language & Literature Pedagogy; social justice- race and class; Print & Audiovisual Interactive Resources; immersion; study abroad; I am a teacher, author, editor and teacher-trainer

Co-Director of Latin American Studies at Wellesley College, Joy has taught all levels of Spanish language, as well as Chicano Literature, Hispanic Literature of the USA, Caribbean Literature and Culture, and Latin American Film. In her current courses, the main foci are issues of race and class manifested in Hispanic literature and reverberated in Hispanic art and film. She also gives seminars for the Education Department in Foreign Language & ESL Methodologies. A University Supervisor for state licensure in foreign language, for Wellesley and Harvard, Joy has won teaching prizes from both institutions.

Dedicated to educational equity and equality, Joy serves on regional, as well as inter/national, scholarship committees. For more than two decades, she has been co-coordinator of the Mellon Mays Fellowship Program at Wellesley and for the past decade, she has interacted with students/colleagues from Wellesley's sister school, Spelman and Morehouse Colleges in Atlanta, in immersion programs in Spanish.

Co-recipient of a mini-grant from the John T. and Catherine D, MacArthur Foundation, Joy has spent a lifetime giving presentations and workshops at conferences nationally and abroad, resulting also in leadership roles in the profession beyond Wellesley College: as (past) president of several associations, including the AATSP (American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese), NECLAS (New England Council for Latin American Studies), MaFLA (Mass. Foreign Language Association), AIWA (Armenian International Women’s Association).

Joy was also chair of NECTFL (Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, the oldest pedagogical conference in the country, additionally, Board member of ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages). An NGO member of ECSOC (Economic and Social Council) at the United Nations, she was also elected Vice-President of UNIFEM USA (United Nations Fund for Women). A co-founder of Wellesley’s Consortium program of study abroad at the University of Cordova, Spain, she loves working in teams; for example, as Lead author of the multicomponential introductory Spanish language and culture program, Caminos, as well as the intermediate Spanish program, Reflejos. Finally, Joy is co-editor of the literary reader, Álbum, about to come out in its fourth edition. 

Along with her husband Don, retired professor of Art, she has large family gatherings for which they cook multicultural meals and during which they have dynamic backgammon competitions. Joy often includes Wellesley College students in our activities. She love to cook, and do volunteer work in political campaigns and ethnic initiatives and misses her twin sons who live and work in Colorado.

Joy represents Wellesley with the NCAA because she love sports and value the relationship between mind, body and spirit.