Wellesley Crew Wins Ninth Straight Seven Sisters Title

Blue Crew will bring the Seven Sisters trophy back to Wellesley for an eighth-straight season.
Blue Crew will bring the Seven Sisters trophy back to Wellesley for an eighth-straight season.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Wellesley College crew won two of three events to claim the program's ninth consecutive Seven Sisters title at the 32nd Annual Seven Sisters Championship Sunday morning on the Charles River in Cambridge, Mass. 

This year's course extended three and a half kilometers, from the Massachusetts Avenue Bridge through the Boston University Bridge, the Riverside Boathouse of host Simmons and finished just short of the John W. Weeks Bridge. The Blue earned victories in both of the Novice races and the Junior Varsity race, and finished second in the Varsity race to finish 11 points ahead of second place Smith. Wellesley finished with 36 points, with Smith College, winners of the varsity event, taking second with 25 points. Third place Simmons College (21), fourth place Mount Holyoke (16) and fifth place Bryn Mawr (9) rounded out the standings.

Wellesley seniors Kelsey Campbell (Broomfield, Colo.) and Liz Shumway (Eden Praire, Minn.) and first year Sasha Blachman (Bellevue, Wash.) all earned a spot on the annual All-Regatta team while helping the Blue to victory. 

Wellesley turned in a time of 15:01.1 to win the Second Novice Race, while second place Mount Holyoke followed in 15:13.9. The Bue continued on to sweep the Novice events with a time of 13:31.6 in the first Novice event. Simmons followed just over 22 seconds later at 13:53.8, while Smith and Mount Holyoke finished within two seconds of each other in 14:02 and 14:04.1, respecitvely. The Blue then added first and fourth place times in the Junior Varsity event, with Wellesley's 2V8+ ('B') winning the event with a time of 12:53.9. Smith placed second with a time of 13:18.1, followed by Simmons (13:29.7) and Wellesley's 3V8+ ('C') in fourth with a time of 14:41.6. 

With the Blue in control of the standings following the opening events, Smith (12:25.5) finished the morning with a first-place finish in the Varsity Eight event, edging the Blue (12:27.0) by just a second and a half. Simmons placed third with a time of 13:04.5, with Mount Holyoke coming in just over three seconds later (13:07.7) to finish ahead of fifth place Bryn Mawr (13:28.6). 

Sunday's action concludes the fall season for the Wellesley College crew team. 

Wellesley Lineups: 


Wellesley A (V8+): C Stephanie Kim; 8 Meg Babikian; 7 Kelsey Campbell; 6 Audrey Ellis; 5 Zoe Cheng; 4 Jocelyn Reahl; 3 Liz Shumway; 2 Rhiannon Mulligan; 1 Faye Washburn

Junior Varsity:

Wellesley B (2V8+): C Sooji Kang; 8 Mia Caglieris; 7 Sloane Rice; 6 Molly Hoyer; 5 Lauren Bazley; 4 Alison Carey; 3 Allie Collins-Anderson; 2 Kelsey Gosch; 1 Eve Montie
Wellesley C (3V8+): C Alex Klufas; 8 Olivia Holbrook; 7 Emma Conrad-Rooney; 6 Emmet Odegaard; 5 Erica Maul; 4 Maria Iannotti; 3 Tara Luthra; 2 Katherine Barnes; 1 Carolina Jimenez


Wellesley A (N8+): C Sasha Blachman; 8 Pippa Cronin; 7 Alanna Uthgennant; 6 Angela Foley; 5 Katie Gdula; 4 Anna Taylor; 3 Carter Ramquist; 2 Morgan Mastrianni; 1 Samantha Hintz
Wellesley B (2N8+): C Michelle Shui; 8 Bea Grauman-Boss; 7 Marinn Cedillo; 6 Laura Hamm; 5 Tess Vetter; 4 Abby Hau; 3 Lila Alvarado; 2 Shreya Parjan; 1 Lindsey Gordon

Final Standings:
Wellesley 36
Smith 25
Simmons 21
Mount Holyoke 16
Bryn Mawr 9 

All-Regatta Recipients:

Kelsey Campbell (Varsity)
Liz Shumway (Varsity)
Sasha Blachman (Novice) 

Madeleine Gallay (Varsity)
Cali Nathanson (Varsity)
Karly Toledo (Novice) 

Mount Holyoke
Sophie Rabinow (Varsity)
Ariya Lawson (Varsity)
Paloma Cruz (Novice) 

Ronnie Bennett (Varsity)
Madison Summers (Varsity)
Isabel Gimlewicz (Novice)

Bryn Mawr
Emily Spiegel (Varsity)
Stephanie Montalvan (Varsity)
Jacqueline Fernandez (Novice)