Wellesley Student-Athletes Present at Ruhlman Conference

Wellesley Student-Athletes Present at Ruhlman Conference

WELLESLEY, Mass. -- Twenty Wellesley student-athletes presented at the annual Ruhlman Conference on Wednesday April 24, 2013. The Wellesley College Ruhlman Conference is intended to promote collaboration among students across disciplines and celebrate intellectual achievement at Wellesley. This year’s conference featured formal presentations of on-campus research, along with performances, readings, and other exhibitions.

Wellesley Student-Athlete Ruhlman Presenters

Chloe Breider
’15 (Soccer) – “Just Business? Moral Responsibility in a Global Economy”

Kimberly Cabral
’13 (Softball) – Protease Sensitivity Map of the Highly Structured Heterodimerization Domain (HD) of the Human Notch 2 Receptor in the Presence and Absence of the Furin Cleavage Loop”

Tiffany Chen
’15 (Swimming & Diving) – “Integrating Behavior and Biomechanics to Understand Fish Escape Performance”

Michelle Cho
’13 (Golf) – “The Disney Effect: An examination of Disney Princesses and the Portrayal of Gender Roles”

Karina Chung
’13 (Swimming & Diving) – “Become Your own Superhero: Effects of Self-Transformation on Executive Functioning”

Beba Cibralic
’16 (Crew) – “Perspectives on Social Issues III: Research from the Wellesley College Freedom Project”

Graeme Durovich
’15 (Crew) – “Wellesley Chamber Music Society Long Performance: Exploration and Performance of Antonin Dvorak Piano Quintet No. 2 in A major, Op.81”

Kathryn Goffin
’13 (Crew) – “What Do You Want to Play? The Effect of Teacher Presence and Children’s Gender on Social Influence”

Young Hsu
’13 (Golf) – “The Role of Steroid Receptor Coactivators in Hormone Action in Brain”

Mina Juhn
’13 (Cross Country) – “The Fction of the Fabricated Ruin: Exploring Memory in the Work of Adrián Villar Rojas”

Maria LaBouyer
’15 (Softball) – “Going Insane in the Membrane: Investigating Protein-Lipid Interactions in the Elmore Lab”

Jennifer Lamy
’13 (Crew) and Ada Smith ’13 (Cross Country/Track & Field) – “Food is Not Trash: Redefining Wellesley’s Waste Culture by Composting” 

Veronica Lin
’15 (Tennis) – “Technology in Biology: Utilizing Innovative Interactions to Foster Collaborative Learning in Biology”

Jane Lodwick
’14 (Cross Country/Track & Field) – “Going Insane in the Membrane: Investigating Protein-Lipid Interactions in the Elmore Lab”

Ava Mokhtari
’14 (Soccer) – “Investigating Electrical Stimulation Using Conducting Polymeric Materials for Peripheral Nerve Regeneration”

Sara Putterman
’13 (Cross Country/Track & Field) – “Tactile History: The Story of Wellesley College's Textile Collection”

Shaheen Rangwalla
’13 (Swimming & Diving) – “You Are What You Eat”

Katherine Shulenberger
’14 (Basketball) – “The Role of Low Energy Electrons in High Energy Radiolysis”

Ada Smith
’13 (Cross Country/Track & Field) – “Environmental Conservation and the Struggle for Environmental Justice and Sustainable Development in Vieques, Puerto Rico"

Samantha Spiga
’13 (Softball) – “Cultural Traditions versus Human Rights: The Case of Uganda’s Anti-Gay Bill”

Megan Turchi '13 (Soccer) - "Boston Cafés: A Connection to City life"